Upcoming events
Event Date
Essex Pass 05/09/2017
Easy Fundraising 18/10/2017
EPFA Meeting, 8pm, The Golden Crane 01/11/2017
Christmas Fayre 25/11/2017
EPFA Meeting, 9am, Garden Room 06/12/2017
Christmas Discos 08/12/2017
Selection Box Roll 20/12/2017
Spring Ball -Table of 10 24/03/2018
Spring Ball - Individual booking 24/03/2018
Circus 21/06/2018
Year 6 Leavers activity deposit - Stubbers Activity Centre 18/07/2018
What is the EPFA? 
We are a charity made up of working parents and teachers, elected and regular members who plan and run events to raise much-needed money for the school. We are a friendly bunch trying our best, but we always welcome new ideas and always need lots of help to run these events, they can't happen without you.

We hold an Annual General Meeting in September to agree how the money should be spent to best benefit the pupils. We meet every other month during term time one evening to progress event planning, review new ideas and agree on expenditure. We are going to have regular coffee mornings for people that can not make an evening meeting but would like to contribute and find out what is happening. As a regulated charity, all meeting minutes and accounts are available and our meetings are open to all.

Without the work that we the EPFA do, a number of activities Engayne pupils currently enjoy such as theatre groups, educational trips and regular swimming lessons would not be able to take place and certain improvements to facilities would not happen as government funding is insufficient.

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