Upcoming events
Event Date
Essex Pass 05/09/2017
Annual General Meeting 28/09/2017
Engayne Golf Day 13/10/2017
Movie Night 13/10/2017
Christmas Shopping trip to Bicester Village 03/11/2017
Christmas Fayre 25/11/2017
Stallholder payment (only to be used if you have received a confirmation email from the EPFA) 25/11/2017
Christmas Parties 08/12/2017
Circus 21/06/2018
EPFA Committee Members
President Mrs Sara Sankey
Chairperson Mrs Kirsty Murphy
Vice-Chairpersons Mrs Nichola Alridge
  Mrs Sharon Levett
Secretary Mrs Ursula Harvey
Treasurer Mrs Suzanne Attwood-Kelly
Vice Treasurer Mrs Penny Edgar
Social and Fundraising Officer Mrs Laura Hawkins
Refreshment Officers Mrs Sally Collins
  Mrs Emma Ward
 Main Committee Members Mrs Catrin Warden
  Mr Neil Levett
  Mr Phil Wright
  Mrs Priti Chohan
  Mrs Victoria Pink
   Mrs Kelly Rose