Upcoming events
Event Date
Essex Pass 05/09/2017
Annual General Meeting 28/09/2017
Engayne Golf Day 13/10/2017
Movie Night 13/10/2017
Christmas Shopping trip to Bicester Village 03/11/2017
Christmas Fayre 25/11/2017
Stallholder payment (only to be used if you have received a confirmation email from the EPFA) 25/11/2017
Christmas Parties 08/12/2017
Circus 21/06/2018
How to contact the EPFA
The EPFA offer a number of ways to get in contact:
Email contactepfa@gmail.com
Phone 01708 223492 (School Office staff will pass on messages to EPFA Members)
Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @contactepfa
In Person Look out for EPFA members at the school gates at drop off and pick up