Upcoming events
Event Date
Book your Butlins break and the EPFA will receive 5% of the bookings 01/01/1970
Essex Pass 05/09/2017
Mother's Day Sale 09/03/2018
Easter Discos 23/03/2018
Easter Egg Roll 29/03/2018
Bags 2 School 18/04/2018
EPFA Meeting, Garden Room 20/04/2018
Movie Night 27/04/2018
EPFA Meeting, The Golden Crane 09/05/2018
Sports Day Up Day 21/05/2018
Father's Day Sale 15/06/2018
Circus 21/06/2018
Leavers Hoodie - SIZE Child 9-11 and 12-13 01/07/2018
Leavers Hoodie - SIZE ADULT SMALL and ADULT MEDIUM 01/07/2018
Leavers Disco 11/07/2018
Summer Disco's 13/07/2018
60th Anniversary 17/07/2018
Year 6 Leavers Stubbers Activity Centre - FINAL PAYMENT 18/07/2018
Sweet Box Roll 18/07/2018
How is the money we raise spent? 
We decide on the aims for the year at the EPFA AGM.
Requests which come up during the year are voted on at the regular EPFA meetings.

Previous projects & donations
- Adding a roof to the swimming pool
- Refurbishment of the swimming pool changing rooms
- Annual running costs for the swimming pool
- Flooring for the outdoor gym equipment area
- Book Bags for Reception pupils
- Subsidy for school trips
- Funding for inspirational speakers
- Funding for Forest School equipment
- Cooking equipment for pupils

Current projects & donations
- Outdoor shade for KS1
- Staging for KS1 Hall
- Funding for school Art projects
- Annual running costs for the swimming pool
- Book Bags for Reception pupils
- Subsidy for school trips
- £1000 per year group to fund specific activities & contribute to educational visits